I’ve asked Meryl Snow how to increase sales for 2020. With 30 years of experience owning event planning, high-end catering, and design and décor companies, Meryl Snow is on a mission to help businesses get on their own path to success. As a Senior Consultant & Sales Trainer forSnowStorm Solutions, Meryl travels throughout North America training clients in the areas of sales, marketing, design, and branding. As a valued member of theWedding Industry Speakers, she speaks with groups from the heart with warmth and knowledge, and covers the funny side of life and business.

The change of years is a natural time to step back and assess what has worked in your business and find new ways to learn and grow. However, it can be hard to know where to start when you’ve been running on what you already know.

It starts with your goals for the year ahead — get firm on what you want to accomplish and work your way back from there to find the right path to achieve those goals. If increasing sales is your target, here are four places to devote your attention to ramp up sales efforts in 2020. 

Your Proposal

Consider the proposal as your first impression with a potential client. You want to ensure you’ve crossed all of your t’s and dotted all of your I’s. If you haven’t updated your proposal template in some time, it’s probably time for a refresher. Review it from the perspective of a prospect. Does it cover everything you would want to know? How engaging is it? Does it use imagery to draw your attention? How custom does it feel to a specific client and their needs?

Keep in mind that your proposal is actively competing with those of your competitors, so it needs to be in tip-top shape. You may not know what the other proposals look like, but you can be sure that yours is attractive, detailed, and fully personalized to make each client feel special.

Your Brand

There are few things in business as valuable as your brand. It tells prospective clients and partners what your company is all about, from its values to services and your personality. Take some time this season to review your brand assets and whether they still align with the image you want to portray. The best brands appeal to our minds and hearts. Just think about the holiday commercials you see on TV that pull at your heartstrings. 

A consistent brand is what allows people to know, like, and trust your company. With it, you can increase recognition and win over your ideal clients who are drawn in by assets as simple as your logo, your colors, your website design, your social media content, and your advertisements. You likely manage all of these aspects already, but now’s the time to make sure they are working effectively for you. 

Your Network

Think about your industry peers — how far does your network spread? Vendor referrals are a vital part of bringing in more business and increasing your bottom line. Every client you earn through traditional marketing requires a certain amount of time and cost, but referrals come in pre-qualified without any extra effort beyond nurturing your network.

There’s no better time than the present to reconnect with creative partners you may have lost touch with over the busy season. Schedule some coffee dates or host a holiday party for some of your local vendors. Head out to the next industry mixer to meet new people and build up existing relationships.

Your Team

Unless you’re a solopreneur, you likely rely on others to support your sales efforts. Even if you’re on the ground with them, your employees are a vital source of help that can boost your revenue. However, the bigger the team, the more important consistency becomes. A consistent client experience is critical for your brand and to earn more referrals. 

Take a moment to evaluate your existing training program; if you don’t have one, get started. Run through all of your standard operating procedures and keep an eye out for gaps that could use some improvement. This isn’t just for new hires; it’s worth having an annual refresher for existing employees, which keeps everyone on the same page and allows your team to add ideas to enhance your SOPs.

Once you have your house in order, you’ll be prepared for an efficient and productive 2020 with increased revenue and a valuable toolbox of resources you’ll have on hand for years to come.