It’s a new beginning! I bet you are finding yourself in one of three camps:

  • already taking 2020 by storm!
  • moving forward in a slow and steady pace
  • barely getting over the holiday madness – and not yet ready to jump into goal-setting {sigh… I feel you}

Regardless of where you’re at, the 2020 Action Plan can help put structure to your business strategy in the New Year.

I promise to make this easy-peasy.

It’s time for the world-famous ACTION PLAN!

This is the 7th edition of the Action Plan. I created this workbook for people to redefine their business plan, year after year after year. Your business plan lays out the 4 pillars of your business:

  • Your Core Philosophy
  • Your Marketing Plan
  • Your Operational Structure
  • Your Financial Strategy

The Action Plan examines each of these pillars and guides you through exercises to determine your direction for 2020.

I want you to build a stronger, smarter,
and more profitable business so that
you can have the life you want.

You ready?

Buy the 2020 Action Plan:

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2020 Action Plan (pdf workbook + 7 downloads) – $60

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2020 Action Plan (pdf workbook) – $35


About The 2020 Action Plan Workbook

The 2020 Action Plan is a 32-page workbook that will help you chart out the upcoming year.

The Action Plan includes everything to review 2019 and plan for 2020 in a tight little workbook:

  • What is your business vision?
  • Let’s Create Project for Your Goals!
  • Is Your Marketing Getting You Sales?
  • How Will You Market Yourself in 2020?
  • Is Your Business Operating Smoothly?
  • Let’s Get Smart About How You Spend Your Time.
  • How Did Your Business Perform Financially?
  • Let’s create a budget and financial plan for 2020!

The workbook with downloads includes the workbook PLUS all templates and spreadsheets you need to work thru the plan if you don’t care to put together some of the spreadsheets yourself.  (They are sold separately in our Toolbox for a value of $55, but we are offering the bundle for $25.)

The downloads include:

  • Sage Wedding Pros – Tracking the ROI on your Ads and Other Promotional Activities ($10)
  • Sage Wedding Pros – Financial Review – Excel Spreadsheet – $5 (Profit & Loss Report SPREADSHEET)
  • Sage Wedding Pros – Pricing TEST & Sales Plan (how many weddings to make as a sales quota) ($10)
  • Sage Wedding Pros – Promotional Plan & Goal Sheet – $10
  • Sage Wedding Pros – Expense Budget
  • Sage Wedding Pros – Expense Budget for start-ups (if applicable)
  • Sage Wedding Pros – Cash Flow Plan ($20)

I’m excited for what the New Year will bring for your business!

Not getting what you want from your business?
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