Does the idea of an exit strategy seem too CRAY? I hear you. Thinking that far out stresses me out too.

Or, maybe you’re on the opposite camp? You’re ready to light it all on fire and head to Mexico on a one-way ticket. {Me, every Monday.} ADIOS!

Here’s the thing… the VERY FIRST STEP in developing your exit plan is actually not planning anything. It’s just to allow yourself the space to wonder. It’s to ask yourself: What if…?

What if I want another career?

What if I want to evolve into something else?

What if I sell my business?

What if my business runs without me?

What if I leave it to my employees/kids/dogs?

What if I burn it all down and claim the insurance? (KIDDING!)

You don’t have to have the PERFECT exit idea to start working on your exit strategy. BUT, begin with something… begin with what-if.

Are you making time to let your mind wander into these what-if scenarios? Give yourself the space and time to do so.

And, if you wanna join me on developing an exit strategy (everything from what-if to an elaborate master plan, and something in between) then join me at Be Sage Conference this February 3-6, 2020. We’ll be digging deep on this.