In talking with wedding pros I often ask about their exit strategy. So many people tell me: “OH – I’m not planning to sell. I don’t need an exit strategy.”

This made me curious. Do people need an exit strategy if they’re not planning on selling?

I was recently chatting with Renee O’Brien about this. (She coaches people on exit strategies.) This is what she shared with me:

Creating an exit strategy is about creating a big, shoot-for-the-moon vision, ordering your priorities, and getting hyper focused on a step by step plan. Regardless of whether you are shooting for a big cash out, or passing your business onto a family member, or just becoming an absentee owner, your exit plan is your first step towards distraction-free, masters level accomplishment. Once you have created the exit plan, all you need to do is work the steps.

If you want to learn more from Renee, and how to create an exit strategy… she’s speaking at Be Sage Conference this February on this topic! I’m so excited to learn from her. Register here. (We only have 25 spots left!)