I’ve been thinking a lot about curiosity and how it impacts our businesses.

When we were little kids, curiosity was a part of daily life. How do butterflies fly? Why is the sky blue and not pink? How do I climb onto the kitchen counter to reach the cookie jar?

As we get older, we become more confined in our education, rules, and mindset. That curiosity goes away.

The entrepreneurial journey is like this too. As baby entrepreneurs, everything is exciting and new… and we LOVE learning all the new things. How do I create this event installation? How will I build this xyz? How do I launch my website? And… your favorite: how does Quickbooks work? {laughing/crying emoji}

As more established entrepreneurs, that curiosity can go away. Some of those big questions become major chores that we don’t have time to explore. All of the what-if questions that used to drive us turn into easy noes.

But curiosity is what drives innovation. All of those ‘what if’ questions – of producing events – or having a business – create magic. Curiosity is what makes our businesses go from meh to wow.

How can you embrace curiosity in your life? Here are a few ways:

  • Create breaks in your schedule to DO NOTHING. It’s only when your mind is truly free (without devices too) that it can wander into curiosity.
  • Find parallel creative activities to feed your soul. Sign up for a painting workshop. Visit an art museum you’ve never been to. Learn how to sing. Write a novel. It’s these ‘other’ creative outlets that can bring more vibrancy to our work craft.
  • Question everything. Adopting a mindset of curiosity requires that you play what-if with everything in your life. By becoming a questioner, that curiosity will flow into your business as well.

I hope you’ll join us at Be Sage Conference this year. We’re leaning into CURIOSITY big time.