September is always the MONTH of MADNESS. You’re likely either wrapping up a busy summer season and/or launching up a busy fall season. And, if you’ve got kids/pets/parents/plants… they have needs too. Everything is ON FIRE.

To make matters worse… you’ve got the business side of things that you’ve neglected a bit. {wait – it’s not just me, right?}

Here’s the thing… you’ve got to get your business in order. If you don’t get clarity and focus, sanity and progress, there isn’t gonna be much a business left. If you don’t create some real profits to build from, it’s gonna be a hard-go over the long run. You need to work ON the BUSINESS to HAVE a business.

I want you to have a SUPER STRONG BUSINESS so that you can get back to doing what you LOVE… bedazzling, perhaps?

I want you to have a SUPER STRONG BUSINESS so that you can focus on what you love doing most… being a creator of beautiful things, building relationships, witnessing families come together, nurturing your people.

Write Your Business Plan with ME! (and new friends!)

Registration is open for the Fall-Winter Sage Business Planning Group Coaching. I hope you’ll join me!