VLOG: How to Compete in a Saturated Market

A challenge that I hear from sooooo many wedding pros is: “My market is so saturated. How do I compete?” Market saturation is nothing new and many industries face this every day. (McDonald’s wasn’t the first company to set up a burger joint in the 1950s. And – Shake Shack isn’t the last one to do so now.)

Watch my video to see what I think:

VLOG: What is Your Business Challenge?

Here we are! In the flesh! LIVE!

Kelly and I think it’d be good to show our faces and engage with you in a video blog (VLOG) format from time to time. We invite you to share your business challenges with us to address on a future segment by emailing us at michelle-at-sageweddingpros.com or kelly-at-sageweddingpros.com .