Cuyana to Host ‘Think & Drink’ Mixer at The Simple Plan San Francisco

The Simple Plan workshop is not only a great opportunity to strategize on business, but also a chance to network with like-minded and smart business owners. Our workshops include a networking mixer, the “Think & Drink”, on the first night.

shot_01_048The San Francisco workshop will be graciously hosted by Cuyana, a women’s fashion brand specializing in beautiful apparel and accessories, designed with a classic, modern aesthetic.We just love the company’s philosophy of “fewer, better things”. This nicely aligns with our own “keep it simple” ideology. (And… pssssst…. The accessories are actually perfect for bridesmaids gifting.) Goods are made with the highest quality materials and crafted to last a lifetime.

Attendees of The Simple Plan are invited to a happy hour bevvies at their Union Square showroom. (AND – there will be presents! And complimentary monogramming! 

The mixer is only open to people who have registered for The Simple Plan workshop. (Sign up now. There are only 3 spots left.)

Announcing Be Sage Conference Panelist: Michelle Edgemont

We are excited to announce a panel that we are assembling for Be Sage Conference! Our panel discussion will address a critical question we continuously hear from experienced wedding professionals:

How can I diversify my income?

Finding ways to diversify income for the wedding professional can be incredibly beneficial to a small business’s financial stability. You should consider finding additional revenue streams for any of the following reasons:

  • cushioning the seasonality of your income
  • creating a more stable (predictable) source of income
  • creating passive income streams
  • diversifying your energy and attention
  • spreading your eggs into a few baskets 😉

MichelleEdgemontWe introduce our first panelist to you: Michelle Edgemont!

Michelle is a New York event designer with an unconventional, modern style. She is a trained textile designer and not many people realize that in addition to the gorgeous weddings that she styles, she has ongoing contracts with HGTV for styling photo shoots. This introduces additional income that diversifies the way she makes money. We want Michelle to share her smarts with you and teach you how to go about doing the same for your business.

Here are 5 things that you’ll learn from Michelle:

  1. How to diversify your revenue streams
  2. How to partner with big brands and smaller companies
  3. How to intentionally balance your workload throughout the year running a seasonal business
  4. How to be a blog contributor
  5. How to create revenue streams that use your talents

We feel pretty strongly about partnering with companies and individuals that mirror and augment our own core values. Here are 3 of Michelle’s core values:

  • Work smart
  • Be kind
  • Family comes first

We’ll see you this November 1-3 in Dallas!


Registration is open for Be Sage Conference.


Announcing: The Simple Plan Workshop – Chicago, June 16-17

Join us for easy-peasy business planning in Chicago this June 16-17, 2015!


We love doing workshops in Chicago! It’s no lie. The Midwest communities are friendly and collaborative. And, Chicago is just lovely in the summer. Make a trip out of it: see the Art Institute, catch a baseball game at Wrigley Field, go shopping on the Mile. (The Chicago workshops sell out fast, so don’t hesitate.)

The Simple Plan is our 2-day workshop where we guide wedding pros through the writing of their business plans. (You will walk out of the workshop with a written plan in hand.) Our goal is to give you a solid foundation for success in:

– your business’s over-arching vision
– your marketing strategy
– your operational strategy
– your financial strategy

Business planning is goal-setting at its best… for wedding pros, at every stage of their business. (Goal-setting never ends.)

The Simple Plan Workshop
Easy-peasy Business Planning
June 16-17, 2015
Rick Aguilar Studios 

Learn more and register for the workshop by clicking here.

A BIG BIG thank you to our gracious host and sponsor, Rick Aguilar. Rick is wonderful!


We will also be in San Francisco May 18-19 and DC July 6-17 in 2015, if those cities are more convenient. (Make sure to check out Be Sage Conference if you already have your goals for the next couple years and are looking for education on how to take your business to the next level.)

Watch this lovely little video to see us in action at The Simple Plan.

We Have a New Website!

Announcing Sage Wedding Pros’ new website! VOILA! What do you think?!?!?


In celebration of 6 years of Sage Wedding Pros in 2015, we decided the website needed an overhaul. When we started, we started as a blog, and that has always been the ‘face’ of our website. (I think people may have had more time to read blogs in 2009.) BUT, we have realized in the last couple years that people come to our site differently than they used to.

Our website has become a resource for wedding pros to get business resources and help. People come with very specific needs:

  • I need help with my finances.
  • I need systems.
  • I need a business plan.
  • I need work-life balance.
    and… so on.

We built the site around very specific needs… and resources, tools for those needs. We hope you find the new website helpful in contributing to the growth of your business!

(A big thank you to the folks at Doodledog Creative for taking all of our pencil scratchings, scanned drawings, iphone pics, copy/pastings, clippings, and revisions-ad-nauseam… and turning them into this beauty!)

Sage Wedding Pros is 6 Years Old!

Today, we celebrate 6 years of Sage Wedding Pros. Woweeeeee.

IMG_0604I started this blog as a way to network with wedding professionals nationwide. (It was 2009 and the economy SUCKED. Invitation designers who used to do 200-300 piece orders were now scaled back to 50 piece orders! I had to sell beyond my Seattle market and blogging would be the way to meet a national audience. I was hustling.)

I committed to writing a blog post EVERY SINGLE DAY. I knew that in order for people find the blog and get value, I needed to be consistent in providing valuable content. I wrote every day for 3 years, Monday to Friday. I woke up at 5AM on days (when Lili was a baby). I would schedule 10 days of posts for times I knew I’d be traveling. I also committed to showing people how to do things. I didn’t want to talk about business theory and ‘what ifs’.

6 months later, Kelly joined me as a business partner and we launched The Simple Plan. I know the business would NOT be what it is without the strength of our partnership. We went from ‘just a blog’ to consulting businesses one-on-one. We’ve launched The People Plan, Thursday Therapy, and Be Sage Conference together. We thank our lucky stars to get the chance to work with you… to see your incredible ideas come to life.

So…here’s to March 16, 2009! And here’s to you, for giving us a place in the industry for 6 wonderful years!