We started this business as a blog. And the blog is about all of you, our sage wedding pros… you, the wise smarty-pants people in our industry! You are the sage wedding pros.

Over the span of the last 6 years, people have come to know us (Michelle & Kelly, here) as ‘Sage Wedding Pros’. We humbly accept this honor bestowed upon us.

Sage Wedding Pros’ Mission is to create financially and operationally sustainable businesses in the wedding and events industries.


Sage Wedding Pros started in March 2009 as a way for founder Michelle Loretta to connect with wedding pros nationwide. (It’s all about networking, people!) The blog gained traction pretty quickly in a way she didn’t expect. (HURRAH!) Soon, people started asking for workshops on some of the things on the blog… especially BUSINESS PLANNING.

And, so Michelle partnered with Kelly Simants to create The Simple Plan, an easy-peasy approach to business planning. (And the choirs of angels sang from the heavens.) And little by little, other tools and resources were introduced: The People Plan, Thursday Therapy, Be Sage Conference. And, they started consulting clients one-on-one to get into the meat of the matter.

And – voila! Sage Wedding Pros is what it is today.


(we’ll speak in first person here)

Hold the phone. Yeah, yeah, yeah… there’s a lot of stuff you have to filter through these days. Lots of experts showing you how to make a purported 6-figures if you just follow their plan. Do you know what we’re talking about? (“I’ll show you how!” “Just follow my 6 steps!” “Become better by doing these 5 things.” “Subscribe here for my secrets of success.”) Ewwwww… I need a shower.

We are NOT about that.

We come from super traditional business backgrounds. (Yes – we come from the ‘corporate’ world. I know that’s a dirty word.) BUT – we figure – if it’s good enough for Google/Zappos/Fortune/Nordstrom/(Insert-Successful-Corporation-Here) it may just work in the wedding industry too. (and pssssstttt… it does.)

We take BIG lessons and fit them into a SMALL box for you to unwrap, unfold, and incorporate.

We are about REAL business. Straight. Simple. Easy-peasy. Good-old-fashioned-business-school-type-of-stuff. Common sense. Straight-up business.

Less Fluff. More Meat.


Ahhh… the wonders of modern technology! We skype a couple times a month to answer the question: “how can we make this better?” (We email and phone in between.) We met in Seattle where we both lived and started our wedding businesses. (How geeky is it that we used to get together and write our business plans together?!) In 2007, we co-founded Get Hitched Give Hope, the first bridal charity in the world (along with 4 other fab ladies). It’s here that we realized: “Hey! We work really well together. Let’s do this again, shall we?!” And… the rest is history…


If there is something that we pride ourselves on it’s being approachable, friendly and down-to-earth. Don’t let our down-to-business approach fool you. We’ll talk to anyone about anything… and we’ve never faced a business challenge that was too messy, too dumb, too disorganized, too crazy, too complicated, too silly.


Here are some of the conferences and events we have been invited to speak at. We love engaging with wedding pros and we take pride in the caliber of presentations that we give. If you want us to speak at your event, read this.



Kelly Simants spends her days overseeing and operating Sweet Pea Events, a wedding planning firm with offices in Dallas, Seattle, and New York. As a partner in Sage Wedding Pros, she works with wedding pros on operational strategy and human resource planning. Her expertise lies in the people components of an organization’s training, organiza­tional design, leadership development, employee relations, staffing and strategic planning. Before launching her business, Kelly worked for Starbucks as a Director of Human Resources for their Supply Chain Operations, as well as Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a Human Re­sources Analyst.

A few fun facts about Kelly:

  • Favorite business book as of late: The Four Hour Work Week.
  • Itching to travel to: Australia and New Zealand!
  • With an hour of spare time she loves to: Hang out with her hubby Chris and two crazy boys – Carson and Cole.
  • Favorite caffeinated beverage: Iced Americano with two pumps white chocolate!


Michelle Loretta spends her days creating business plans and financial strategies for wedding and event professionals. Armed with a BS in Accounting and corporate cred with Deloitte, she can look at any company’s financial reports and see what’s really going on. After several years of working in finance, Michelle made a career switch to the fashion industry and worked as a wholesale manager for DDLA and visual merchandiser for Coach, Inc. In 2004, when entrepreneurialism tugged at Michelle’s heartstrings, she started a wedding invitation business: mmm… paper. In 2009, she started writing the Sage Wedding Pros blog and partnered with Kelly Simants to build what would eventually become a consulting business for the wedding industry. She lives in Miami with her husband Andy, and her kids Lili age 7 and Lucas age 3.
A few fun facts about Michelle:

  • Has lived in four corners of the US: born near Philly, grew up in LA, lived in Seattle, and now resides in Miami.
  • Favorite thing to do is go to the movies.
  • Is trying to convince her husband to have an “Indian Wedding” renewal of vows.

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