This November I’m offering you a chance to chat with me one-on-one about YOUR business finances. (pssssttt…. I’m pretty much THE person to talk to about wedding business finances. PLUS, I was just named one of the TOP 1000 People in Events by BizBash Magazine.)

  • Want to know what YOU need to do to earn more?
  • Want to know how to increase your sales?
  • Want to know how to take more money home?
  • Want to know how to pay yourself more (or anything at all)?
  • Want to know what the H*** you should be doing with your business finances?
  • Want to know… anything about your dollars?

Schedule a MINI MONEY SESSION with me. For $300 only, I’ll look at your profit & loss report (or what you take track of your money with). We’ll jump on a one-hour Zoom video call. I’ll give you feedback on:

  • Your pricing structure
  • Your profitability
  • Your earnings
  • What’s working for your business financially
  • Where and HOW to improve your finances

I normally ONLY offer financial deep dives with wedding business. (These are financial strategy consulting projects where I create a big financial plan.) But, I know you need help… so let’s get’r done with a mini sesh! I have LITERALLY changed hundreds of businesses with my deep dive cash flow planning. (Seriously, I’ve had clients increase profits by 50%, 40%, 20%.)

For only $300, you can take a lap with me – a MINI MONEY SESSION – and get more comfort, confidence, and security in your finances. Once December rolls around, I’ll be deep into projects again… so take me up on this time now! 🙂

Just click here to pick a time for a MINI MONEY SESSION from my calendar. I’ll follow up with an email and next steps.

Can’t wait to talk!