I can dig into the ins and outs of your financial strategy like no one else in this industry. Today, I’m gonna make a long story short based on my long relationship with wedding pros and their numbers:

if you want to be more profitable… you need to charge more.

Strategies to increase the ‘bang for your buck’ on events can come in many different forms. And, I can’t wait to learn from Jacin Fitzgerald at Be Sage Conference on how she turned her business upside-down to do so.

When I talked with Jacin about this idea, something else stood out to me. Not only was she more profitable when she changed her business model, but also… she got TIME, balance, and sanity.

Way back when, Jacin was on a wedding treadmill… doing more and more events each year to see profits. (This is something I observe a lot of wedding pros do to be more profitable. “If I sell more events, I’ll make more money, right?”) When she decided to go for high-end clients with higher pricepoints, and limit the number of weddings she produced each year, is when she got off this treadmill. She got her life back.

I’m looking forward to learning the steps for how Jacin did this. And, I hope you’ll join me in learning this too. Register here for Be Sage Conference. (We only have 18 spots left!)