When I invited Renee O’Brien to speak at Be Sage Conference on Exit Strategies, one of the things we chatted about is the idea of creating a business that can run without its owner.

{hold the phone… what? businesses can run without their owners?!}

Yep – you heard me.

Here’s the idea…

In order for a business to be more attractive to a potential buyer, that business should be able to run without being dependent on an owner 1000 hours per week. Because… seriously… if you’re working 1000 hours/week (like many of you are) – why would someone want to buy your business?

I’m really excited to hear about HOW IN THE WORLD I can do this. I’m pretty sure that’s sounding pretty good right about now… not having a business RELY on YOU for EVERYTHING… amiright?

oh… the irony!

One of the things that Renee shared with me… that I thought was pretty cool is this: a lot of times what happens is that an owner is SO GOOD at creating a business that can run without them… and, they start to take actual VACATIONS without a COMPUTER… (yeah – you read that correctly… no computer on your Mexico vacations)… that there is less of an urgency to sell.

I mean… if your business can run without you… and you can take long vacations… and still make money… then maybe selling isn’t as important (for now).

Anyways… needless to say… I am SO EXCITED to learn more about this… the exit strategy plan… AND how this business is going to run without me next summer!

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