We have some incredible partners for the 2020 Be Sage Conference happening next February 3-6 in Austin, Texas. These collaborators and sponsors have embraced our vision for Be Sage with open arms. They are incredibly talented and are shaking things up in the industry. Go check them out! And, give them some insta-love!

Be Sage Conference Venue: Gather on Monroe

We love the beauty and open space of Gather. A quick block away from our host hotel, South Congress Hotel, Gather provides a warm and welcoming environment for us to collaborate and think. No stuffy hotel banquet halls for our masterminding!

Gather Venues: https://gathervenues.com/
Insta-love them: https://www.instagram.com/gathervenues/

Be Sage Conference Designer:
Gretchen Culver of Rocket Science Events

Gretchen is the genius behind our conference design this year. And, boy does she have some fun eye-candy surprises for all of you! She vows to keep the weird in Austin, and the curiosity at this year’s Be Sage. She’s also a really fun person… so when you come to Be Sage, make sure to meet Gretchen!

Rocket Science Events: https://www.rocketscience.events/
Insta-love her: https://www.instagram.com/rocketscience.events/

Be Sage Conference Planner:
Meaghan Cody of Sweet Pea Events

Meaghan has been on the Be Sage team since the very beginning. She focuses on all the logistic genius behind the conference, and manages our team of vendors, so that everything runs smoothly. Having her on our team makes it possible for me to focus on what I love: curriculum and the nerdy stuff. Meaghan’s about the beauty of the conference, while I’m the brains.

Sweet Pea Events: https://sweetpeaevents.net/
Insta-love her: https://www.instagram.com/sweetpeateam/

Be Sage Conference Graphic Design & Branding:
Claudia Smith of Fig 2 Design

What would we do without Claudia?! Here’s the thing: I know we have the best conference content out there. But – Claudia makes it LOOK REALLY GOOD. Claudia is in charge of everything branded at Be Sage. And, just wait until you see the book she puts together for us each year! This is where we get to write out all our goals and plans… and it’s a jewel of a strategy piece.

Fig 2 Design: https://www.fig2design.com/
Insta-love her: https://www.instagram.com/fig2design/



Be Sage Conference Photographer: Barbie Hull

I have known Barbie since my days as a stationer! (Love ya, Babs!) In fact, we co-founded a non-profit together too. Barbie is incredibly talented. But, what makes her stand out the most is how collaborative she is. She knows exactly the shots we need and want… and even the shots we dind’t know we wanted! She’s there to capture it all… and Barbie is so generous with her time and energy. 

Barbie Hull Photography: https://barbiehull.com/
Insta-love her: https://www.instagram.com/barbiehull/

Be Sage Conference Videographer:
Jeffery Coombes of Brandid Films

You know all those gorgeous films about Be Sage that you’ve watched thru the years? Well, Jeff is the man behind them. He captures every sunrise, every city from on high, every speaker’s most poignant moment, the late nights dancing. Jeff is another incredibly generous dream of a teammate, always will to go the extra mile.

Brandid Films: http://brandidfilms.com/
Insta-love him: https://www.instagram.com/brandidfilms/

Did you sign up for Be Sage yet? We’ve got 35 seats left: http://www.besageconference.com/