The events industry can be a financial roller coaster. One month you are rolling in dough, and the next month you’re poor as a pauper. The National Association for Catering & Events (NACE) invited me to share my thoughts on what event professionals should do when they have cash in the bank.

Here’s a snippet of the article:

The event business has its ups and down. Where finances are concerned, it’s not unusual that we deal with cycles of feast versus famine. Wouldn’t it be nice to be living in the FEAST MODE permanently? 

Here are three things you should do when you’re flush with cash.

Save for your slow season.

When setting a goal for saving money, I like to look at slow business cycles. For example, in Chicago, catering and event businesses tend to have cash slowness from January through March. That’s no surprise. Everything slows down during polar vortex season.

In this example, the Chicago business with a monthly expense budget of $10k, would want to save $30k to cover that worst-case-scenario slow window of time. 

And, depending on the business’s level of comfort, they may want to tack on more for economic implosion, alien invasion, big and small emergencies, or maybe a 6-month sabbatical. 

Question: What is the dollar value that would make you feel comfortable and secure in your business?

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