I was curious to know what the crème de la crème of wedding industry technology uses to manage its own business. I’ve invited Trevor Wessman-Lavelle, VP of Marketing & Sales for Aisle Planner, to share what the company’s favorite technology tools are. Trevor did not disappoint… he has a lot to say on the topic. (Thanks Trevor!)

“But wait… we are the tech!”

When we were first approached by Michelle and her team to share on the topic of our “favorite tech tools” we use here at Aisle Planner, there was a little bit of trepidation. Did we really want to pull back the curtain? When you’ve spent nearly 6 years, a whole lotta money and countless days and nights building a business made out of a mountain’s worth of code, it feels a little vulnerable talking about the technology we need to manage it. As quickly as the thought crept into our psyche though, it was replaced by our scrappy humility, trust in the power of vulnerability and our fierce advocacy for tech in general, especially when it comes to its ability to empower businesses of every size, scope and scale to become the true dynamos their founders, managers, employees and even their customers know they can be. As we work tirelessly to shore up our foundation, make enhancements to our features and user experience, and envision our future as a platform for so many pros to change their business “games”, here are a few of our favorite technologies powering our business along the way:

Google G-Suite

Obviously, Google knows what they’re doing when it comes to general, out-of-the-box business tools. Our entire team runs on G-Suite. It’s estimated more than 5 million organizations around the world do, too, since Google launched it in 2006. The seamlessness between every tool from team email management, desktop phone calls and video chats, file storage and sharing, and calendar visibility and coordination, make it so efficient to keep us all connected inside while communicating with our clients and business partners around the world.


The business geeks in the office absolutely LOVE ProfitWell. We’re a subscription-based business but we treat every client like our partner. When you have as many partners as we do, ProfitWell helps us keep track of both our growth in new business and maintenance of existing business with comprehensive yet practical metrics that are easy-on-the-eyes. Keeping the CEO hat on and staying ahead of every curve requires good visibility to the health of your business. ProfitWell ensures we have it.

Aisle Planner

Of course, we happily and shamelessly profess that yes, we use our very own Aisle Planner platform to manage parts of our own business. They’re just as functional and valuable to planning our annual editorial calendars, product releases and marketing events as they are for the weddings, anniversary celebrations, gala fundraisers and business projects our subscribers are creating and delivering every day. And, with the collaboration and communication features, we can keep our teams and our external partners connected and up to speed on every little detail.

It only takes a reach for your phone (which may already be in your hand) to realize how entrenched tech is in our lives. In fact, it’s estimated that we’ll spend nearly 5 ½ years total scrolling, posting and streaming on social media over our own lifetimes! Tech is, without argument, about today. When it comes to your business, it is the way to make it the best it can be for every tomorrow to come.

Both proven business professional and brand ambassador, Trevor Wessman-Lavelle has applied his focus in sales and marketing roles toward delivering results that drive growth while building loyalty and advocacy among its product users and business partners alike. With experience in both brand and agency roles, Trevor has worked with and for a wide range of global iconic brands in segments ranging from action sports and outdoor to cosmetics and sporting goods. Now VP of Sales & Marketing with Aisle Planner, he’s responsible for building and supporting the strategies, initiatives, and the teams that connect the story and the value of a powerful software built by weddings and special events pros for weddings and special events pros, to a broad market of businesses in an industry poised to be revolutionized by the power of technology.

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