I’ve been thinking a lot about rest and replenishment lately.

At this time of year (Maycember), I feel like I’m on a continuous treadmill to get things done.

And, as much as I hate the ‘I’m busy’ trope… I.AM.BUSY.

I know you feel this too as your wedding busy season is ramping up (especially if you’re in the Northern U.S.). You are stepping into the time of year where your client work becomes more intense, on top of what you face personally.

In the last few years, I have made a very distinct effort to use down time to recoup my energy. You call this #selfcare… I call it survivorship. I know that if I can’t stop, won’t stop, I will eventually crash, burn out, and just generally be CRANKY AF. 

I’ll leave you with a few things that I’m personally exploring in my continual search for rest and renovation… and they might help you too.

  • I love this NYT article on ditching your phone. I’ve done this a few times (cyber-free Sundays, we call them in my house)… and I have to tell you, it feels like a vacation (after you get passed the initial stages of twitches, spasms and nervous ticks).
  • Sleep is everything to me, and even so, I struggle with insomnia from time to time. Years ago, I read Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project book and these 14 steps for sleeping better are STILL a part of my routine nightly. (AND – I sleep wearing earplugs!)
  • My greatest source of replenishment is reading books. It’s a great way to have my mind working on something that isn’t work… and so cathartic. I was NOT a reader up until ~7ish years ago. If you want to pick up a book habit, learn here.
  • Do you schedule your weekends on an alternate day of the week? If you work Saturdays (and you likely do) – you should do this! Many wedding pros have weekends that run Sunday through Monday… use that time to rest and replenish.

Happy Friday!