Today’s guest contribution comes from Kylie Carlson, CEO of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With seven locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers, and stylists. Kylie shares trends for 2019. Make sure you’re moving your business in this direction.

We could talk about patterned linens, floral trends and Living Coral until we’re blue in the face, but let’s talk about what really matters: how to work with clients in 2019. After all, a rise in technology and the welcoming of a new generation of couples means that design trends aren’t the only things that shift from year to year.

Let’s take a look at some wedding business trends that might make you reconsider your approach for the year ahead.

Not just a client-vendor relationship

Planning a wedding is an intimate process for couples that often spans a year or more, so they want to feel connected to the people who have their hands in the work. “Couples want a personal relationship with you and want to know all about you, your family, your dogs, where you shop, get your hair done, and so on,” says event consultant Angela Proffitt. “They appreciate honesty and education more now, where sugar coating it used to be better.”

Well-educated brides and grooms

We’re not talking about book smarts. Couples are becoming increasingly educated in the wedding industry, so they know what’s going on as opposed to signing a check and showing up on the big day. The growth of social media and other online resources allows them to check reviews, research their questions, and dive headfirst into inspiration. Joumana Tannous of Aghareed Weddings & Events agrees, sharing that “They are more demanding as they are now more aware of the industry and know exactly what they want, which is heartwarming.”

An emphasis on video marketing

Video content reigns supreme in many industries these days, and the wedding market is no different. “‘Real-life’ video marketing, unedited ‘raw’ footage is what draws clients in,” explains Laura Perez of Crystal Events. “They like to see the beautiful, edited photos of weddings but are really interested in seeing the planner working behind the scenes. It takes skill and tactical thinking in order to be planning the wedding and creating the behind the scenes video footage, but it is well worth it.”

Waste not, want not

With more and more couples footing the bill for their own wedding, it makes sense that they are increasingly looking for ways to save on their budget. Paired with a commitment to eco-friendliness, you get couples who are sticking to the minimum — but in a creative way. Liesel Papke of Rock Your Wedding adds, “Due to the harder times around the world, couples have become even more price conscious and are focusing on being less wasteful. This means that they are looking at what ‘they need to have not what they want to have.’ The biggest shift I have seen is they are looking for different venues. They are not after the big 5-star properties anymore but looking for something more intimate, exclusive and adventurous!”

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