I had the pleasure of speaking at the Special Event Conference last week. AND – I had the pleasure of sitting in on some great sessions also. (The learning never ends, people!)

Here are my…

Top 3 Lessons Learned at The Special Event Conference:

1. Make LinkedIn Recommendations
Nick Borrelli – NickBorelli.com

LinkedIn is EXTREMELY under-utilized by wedding professionals. HERE’S THE THING: hotel personnel and catering companies utilize LinkedIn A LOT. And connections with these companies can lead to referrals for you.

Nick shared this tip: find your favorite vendor partners profiles and writing out a 2-3 paragraph recommendation (not endorsement). You will NOT ONLY fluff up their ego and their reputation, but also you’ll PLANT your profile photo and link onto THEIR profile.

Make a list of your 10 favorite hotel personnel and go show them some LinkedIn LOVE.

2. Own a platform.
Kelly Treadway – EventCurious

Crushed by Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm? Uncertain of how Instagram will change the rules next year? Kelly recommends using 3 social media platforms in tangent. (Any 3 – pick your faves.)

BUT- more important: OWN your own platform. This is why blogging is still important. You need to be capturing eyeballs on your own terms- and NOT relying on the social media du jour.

3. Use story telling to transcend trends
Kristin Banta – Kristin Banta Events

Kristen shared the idea that trends are hard to escape. They overwhelm our industry and soon enough every engaged couples wants the latest trend. BUT- as artists in the industry, we have to push beyond the trend.

She shared the idea of creating a story. When Kristin walks into a space, she lets the venue talk to her. What emotions does it present? What influences from ART, architecture, technology, music, etc. can Kristin- or any designer- use to maximize the design beyond trend? Just because a client says they want geometric design doesn’t mean we have to present it in the same way it’s been done for the last 5 years.

How you tell the event and client’s story in a unique way?

Were you at The Special Event? What were your favorite learning points? Did you like learning about the Power of Profits from me? Share your thoughts in a comment below.