Our strategy with Be Sage Conference is pretty straight-forward. We create a list of questions that experienced wedding pros come to us with. In my financial strategy consulting that I do with wedding pros, a HUGE weak-spot I see is that of NO retirement strategy in place.

I’m talking 401k/IRA/Roth/pension… whatever you call it… basically saving money so that you don’t have to work at age 100. (This is a personal finance topic. So, I don’t get to advise people on this. BUT – I still want people to set themselves up for success.) And – this is why we are inviting Ashley Feinstein Gerstley of Knowing Your Worth (aka “The Fiscal Femme”) to talk about retiring in style at Be Sage Conference.

Here’s a little bit about The Fiscal Femme:

Ashley Feinstein

Ashley Feinstein Gerstley founded Knowing Your Worth where she works as a certified money coach. Ashley demystifies the world of personal finance and money for her clients whether they are creating a financial plan, negotiating compensation or paying down student loans.

She offers one-on-one coaching, workshops, a 30 Day Money Cleanse and Savvy Investor course. Ashley and her work have been featured on Real Simple, NBC News, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, DailyWorth, Learnvest, Levo League and GoGirl Finance, among others as well as her own blog, the Fiscal Femme. Ashley worked in the financial services industry for more than five years: first as an investment banker and more recently in corporate finance. She graduated with a bachelor’s in finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

These are 5 things that you will learn at Be Sage Conference:

  1. How to find the money to invest for your retirement
  2. How to set up the right retirement structure for you and your business
  3. How to avoid key pitfalls when it comes to retirement planning and investing
  4. How to figure out how much is enough
  5. How to set up retirement planning to be automatic and as easy and painless as possible

We feel pretty strongly about partnering with companies and individuals that mirror and augment our own core values. Here are 3 of Ashley’s core values:

  • Freedom
  • Harmony
  • Happiness

We’ll see you this November in Dallas!


Registration is open for Be Sage Conference.