Branding Specialist Showcase: Alexa Sonken Design

We have a new designer who recently joined our group of talented Sage Branding Specialists: Alexa Sonken. I love what Alexa brings to the table for small businesses who need branding or rebranding. Her style is sweet yet funky, soft yet confident. She describes her aesthetic as “whimsical but edgy”… love that juxtaposition. Get to know Alexa a bit more…

Alexa Sonken
Alexa Sonken Design 
Established 2011
Designing since 2008

What is your design specialty?  What are you known for? 

My design speciality is to embrace one’s personality.  I believe design should be a reflection of individuality, radiating the client and who they are.  I am known for small details that have big impact, bright colors and earthy textures.

Describe your design style.  How do you get inspiration?

My design style is whimsy meets modern.  I constantly inspired by street fashion, old school surf magazines and people who just embrace their beauty, flaws and all.  I am constantly on Pinterest too…I’m a bit of an addict! 😉

What is the process like to work with you?  What should a client expect when they hire you to do their branding?

Before the pen hits the paper and the design process begins, I give all my clients a branding questionnaire.  It is filled with questions about their likes, dislikes, dreams and goals.  It is the groundwork that sets the stage for me as a designer.  I then gather all the information and create a moodboard.  The moodboard’s purpose is for the client to see how I interpret their vision and inspiration for the brand, so that we are on the same page.  I generally incorporate typography, shape, color and fashion as inspiration.  I ask the client their thoughts on the moodboard and from there we fine-tune the board until the tone is set and we are ready to move forward onto the designs.

Give 3 tips on what a small business should do before they hire a designer.

1) Research their work. Make sure you really love their style and it’s compatible with yours.

2) Trust the designer. There should be a give and take between the designer and client when making edits. Neither partner should rule the entire process.

3) Enjoy working with them! Make sure you find someone with a great attitude and who is willing to put their best foot forward in making your dreams a reality.

Featured work from Alexa Sonken…

This logo was created for a talented San Francisco photographer whose goal is to capture the joy in her clients’ life.  She has a deep passion for people and wanted to create a brand that is strong with fun, feminine details.  We LOVE how it turned out!’

This logo was created for a children’s and family photography studio based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Jessica came to me looking for a logo that evoked style, simplicity and a sense of class. We had a blast working together to achieve a logo that perfectly suited her and her company.

This logo was created for a really awesome social media blog.  The client’s inspiration included Nylon magazine and minimalist typography, all things right up my alley!  The Social Media life has exploded on the scene as a popular online resource for all things social media and internet driven.

Thanks Alexa! Lovely!

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