EASY-PEASY To-Do List Pads Available for Sale

psssstttt…. we’ve got some cool to-do lists available that’ll help you prioritize your daily tasks! EXCITING! But, first I wanna explain the method to my daily madness in hopes that it helps you too…

I have a really simple method for managing my daily tasks and prioritizing. (Folks – it’s ALL about prioritizing!) Here is how I manage my day to day work:

1.) I have a humongous “MASTER” list for 1000s of to-dos. These to-dos are sometimes organized into categories: now, this week, this month, later. And, sometimes (if it’s CRAZY TIME) they may be a massive jumbo of millions of ideas in several notebooks. Here’s the important thing: this MASTER list is NOT where the action happens. It’s just where I capture all my thoughts. (This is the continuous “brain dump” if you follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done.”)

2.) Each day I pick 3-5 things I will work on. THAT’S IT! These are the things that HAVE to happen. (I make sure that I also include at least 1 long-term goal that is not as urgent. Working on something for 15 minutes a day can get me far in achieving a goal.)

3.) I start my day and spend the first 30-60 minutes working on something for myself or my business. Before answering emails and answering the phone, I WORK. (Remember actual work? Not just email answering and fire-snuffing.)

4.) At the end of the day, I spend 30 minutes organizing my thoughts, adding to my master list… and I select the 3-5 things I will work on the next day. I do this so that when I sit at my desk the next day, I have a roadmap and don’t fall to the crutch of my email.

Sure…  there are days that my list has 10 things that HAVE to happen. Sure… there are times that I jump on email first thing in the morning. But, I usually stick to this little system of prioritizing and it does wonders for my day. Give it a try! It’ll make a HUGE difference in how you work.


What will you work on today? These little notepads will help you navigate your daily tasks. It asks you to choose 3 things you want to do for your client, 3 things you want to do for your business, 3 things you want to do for yourself (which includes your relationships). Use this notepad to guide you in your daily tasks. (I do recommend keeping a MASTER list elsewhere.)

The notepads are 50 sheets and cost $12 (includes shipping within the United States). Email me if you want me to ship outside of US.


Tell me how you like’m!


  1. says

    I NEED this. I feel like I’m floating from day to day without real understanding of where I’m heading with tasks – marketing, product design, sales etc.

    I found your website by accident. I googled “my wedding stationery business is failing” and your website was the top link :-)

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