The First Hour of Your Day

A few days ago I asked you: “Do you give yourself time to feed your soul?” I want to circle back with you and see how that’s going. What are you doing every day (or every week) to feed your soul? To get back to creativity and artistry?

The first hour of your work day is critical.

I have a tendency to turn on the social media faucet the minute I sit at my desk (and sometimes even from bed from my phone or ipod). That’s a pretty bad habit. Instead of making the most of this first hour, I fall down an Alice-In-Wonderland hole of silliness… youtube videos of cats (I don’t even care that much for CATS… sorry, to my cat-loving readers), links with pantone color inspiration overload, pinterest photos of cheese, Instagram pictures of people’s coffee cups. REALLY? That’s the best use of my time first thing in the morning? Why do I do this to myself?

RESTART. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been taking this first hour for me. I’ve been doing the things that inspire me in this first hour. (For me, that’s reading.) It’s made a huge impact in my work day and in my happiness throughout the work day. I feel fresh and invigorated. This is a little crazy to admit since I’ve been battling a wild cough. But – in spite of the sickness – this first hour to feed my soul has been incredibly uplifting.

What will you do with the first hour of your day?


  1. says

    Thanks for this post and the reminder. It’s my habit to turn on social media first thing as well… maybe I should start the day off with some reading too!!

  2. says

    Ugh, social media and so much email… Hopefully when my broken foot finally heals it will be yoga / exercise!

  3. says

    So interesting that you posted this today.

    I was just emailing my staff about how I’m making it a priority to take a half hour every day to spend doing some of the reading (mostly of biz books) that inspire and invigorate me. So often, I find myself being sucked into the hole of email and social media, as you mention.

    Your post has reinforced the new leaf I’ve turned over.

    • Michelle LorettaMichelle Loretta says

      I love that Meredith! Is this something you’re expecting your staff to do as well? Take a half hour to “be free” in some way?

    • Michelle Loretta says

      It’s pretty magical, Christy! Even on the mornings when it’s not 1 hour to myself… if it’s 1 hour before opening email to work on some project, it’s incredibly beneficial!

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