Are You Alienating Your Audience?

Do you link your tweets so that they feed to your facebook stream?  Do all of your instagram images automatically post to Twitter?  Do your pinterest images pop up on both facebook and twitter?  If so…

You are alienating your fans.

I know what your thought is.  You are attempting to capture different audiences with ALL this great material, right?  BUT – it doesn’t work that way.

You are alienating your fans.

Here’s what’s happening…

In an effort to capture everyone in your social media platforms, you are alienating your true fans… Those people who follow your every move on each space.

Super Fan Susan is subscribed to your business on facebook and often comments on your posts.  She follows your tweets religiously.  She lives for your instagram photos detailing all of your events.  And, Susan devours your pinterest pin activity.  SHE LOVES YOU!

So when you post the same thing in all 4 places, you are inundating her with the same information FOUR TIMES.  She hops onto Instagram and sees the sassy pink sequin shoes and clicks “heart”. She sees it on facebook and thinks it’s still cute so she ‘likes’ it.  While on Twitter, she clicks on the link again – “OH – those shoes AGAIN!”  By the time she sees it on Pinterest she is BURNED OUT.

Eventually, Super Fan Susan will tune out and eventually unsubscribe.

In an effort to capture everyone, you are alienating the people who really LOVE you… the ones who are subscribed to you everywhere.

Every social media platform has different purpose, audience, and conversation. Communicate appropriately to that audience.

  • Facebook is more emotional than Twitter
  • Twitter is more pragmatic than Facebook
  • Instagram is visually poetic
  • Pinterest is romantic

If you want to capture people who don’t follow you in all places with your content (ie: a fab wedding you are working on today), mix it up.  Give each platform different content. Tweet a witty observation about the wedding. Ask a question of your fan nation on facebook. Show your creativity on Instagram or something fun happening at the wedding. Create a color story of the event on Pinterest.  MIX IT UP.  It’s OK to cross-link the occasional image or update – but keep that for the SUPER stuff only.

If someone loves you enough to follow you on all social media streams, don’t inundate them with repetition.  Give people a reason to follow you on all social media platforms!


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    PERFECT post!!! I already engage my audience differently with each social media platform but this helps me understand why that is so important! Thanks for the great info!

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