Writing A Job Description

Kelly Simants is here to share her smarts today.  Before starting Sweet Pea Events and partnering on Sage Wedding Pros, Kelly worked for Starbucks as a Director of Human Resources for their Supply Chain Operations, as well as Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) as a Human Resources Analyst.  She is a wealth of knowledge in the human resources field and we launched The People Plan so that she could share her expertise with the wedding industry.

Many business owners sit down to write a job description the minute they are about to place an ad to hire an individual to join their team.  But, a job description can do so much more than solely help you find that person.  It’s helpful to write some job descriptions as you are working to create your business – long before you place the ad.

A job description is helpful for 4 reasons:

  1. Gives structure to the positions you’ve created in your organizational chart.
  2. Identifies qualities, responsibilities, and experience for when you do want to hire an employee (and when you place the job ad.)
  3. Gives you and the employee a structure on which to base his or her work.  This can be used for quarterly or biannual employee reviews. The job description can be tied into the employee performance review process.
  4. Provides your employees with a sense of ownership and that they’re part of the team.  It also allows them to see future opportunities for growth when they’re able to look at other job descriptions in your company.

Meaghan Cody, an associate of mine at Sweet Pea Events, uses her job description to help guide her career.  We initially used the job description to formulate the job structure.  It’s acted as a skeleton for what it is that she does and we’ve built from that original foundation.  Having the job description not only helps me train her, but also gives her a better understand of how she can grow in the job. Here you can see part of her job description:


As you can see, the job description is a stepping stone for both of us to use.  And, it’s been helpful for each of my event planning associates to have this.   Keep in mind that it’s especially important for part-time employees to have a job description to refer to since their time in the office is limited.

Want a free job description?  Here is a sample job description for an Associate Event Planner that you can use in your wedding planning business:

Job Description – Associate Event Planner

Feel free to tweak it to your needs and your specific business operations.  If you’re interested in more hiring, training, and managing tools, make sure to check out The People Plan for HR at your fingertips.

Also, if you want personal help in creating job descriptions for your Company, this is a service I do offer.  I will serve as an extension of your Company as a personal HR Consultant! Contact me at kelly@sageweddingpros.com for more info.

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