What is it that you look for when you hire someone to work in your business?  Is it the talent and experience that the person has?  Is it his or her work history?  Do you seek someone who can walk right into the job and hit the ground running?  It’s natural to want to hire someone for their skills.  Many people do.

But, skills can be taught.  Qualities cannot be taught.

What does this mean?

It means that I can teach someone how to assemble a wedding invite.  I can teach someone how to edit a video reel.  I can teach someone how to put a flower arrangement together.  I can teach someone how to make fondant.  And, in MOST cases, I’d rather teach them MY way of doing things than have them walk in with loads of experience and very little openness to how things are done in my business.  I want to be able to mold that persons abilities to suit my needs.

But, these are things I can’t teach a new employee:

  • how to be friendly and personable with clients
  • how to be givers and team-players with co-workers
  • how to show up to work on time
  • how to be reliable and responsible
  • how to be an out-of-the-box thinker and a problem-solver
  • how to be honest and genuine

All of these are qualities that a person either has or doesn’t have.  I cannot teach anyone these things.  They have to possess them as a part of their own set of core values.

So, when I’m hiring a new employee, it’s great if they have a skill set that will translate to good use in my business.  But, it’s even MORE important that they possess the qualities, characteristics, and values that cannot be taught.  Next time you’re reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates, dig deep.  Ask them situational questions to get to the foundation of who they are.

Hire people for the qualities they bring to your business, not skills.

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