The Simple Plan – 16 Graduates Share Their Experiences

Kelly and I wanted to share our good feelings with all of you!  We’ve met some amazing wedding pros at The Simple Plan.  We are so grateful to share in their lives and their businesses.  We wanted to share their experience at The Simple Plan!  For more info on our business planning workshop for wedding and event professionals, visit:

16 Graduates of The Simple Plan share their experiences…

Janice Carnevale
Bellwether Events – DC

The Simple Plan was an immersion into working on my business plan, which I had never done. What established industry folks probably don’t realize is that your plan is a working document, not a stagnant idea that sits in a drawer (or in an online file). Just as our ideas, values, and vehicles of doing business change, so must our plan to tackle those things. Michelle and Kelly, the sagest wedding pros I know, provided me with the skeleton, and it was up to me to fill in the meat. Not only did I need to know myself and my finances, I also needed to know my client and my competitors. Some parts were easy for me (my goals, my values). At other times it was hard and thought-provoking. Ultimately it was an incredibly rewarding, and a very valuable experience. Not only did I walk out with a business plan with some meat on the bones, but I made new friends from the DC area and across the country.

Jaimi Brooks
Fiore Beauty – LA

I’ve avoided writing a business plan for over 2 years because I didn’t really know what it consisted of and it seemed overwhelming. The Simple Plan was a wonderful opportunity where I got think about the bigger picture, do the numbers myself, and walk away with a different understanding about my business. It was especially important that the workshop is informed specifically by the event industry so it is that much more relevant and specific to us. It was worth every penny and every second, I’m a more responsible business owner for having gone and have a lot more clarity and information about my business from which to make decisions.

Catie Ronquillo
Catie Ronquillo Photography – Dallas

The Simple Plan was the best investment I could have made for my business this year. Over the course of two days, we wrote the bulk of our business plans, set up goals with deadlines, and made a plan for getting there. Being new to the industry and new to the market, this was a great workshop to get all that “scary business stuff” done. Kelly and Michelle make it absolutely painless and even fun to write your business plan. Because without a map, your business will be lost.

Christopher Smith
Christopher Flowers – Seattle

The Simple Plan was one of the best things I’ve ever done for my business. I learned to think about how I want to grow and how to get there in a structured, concrete way — beyond just “I need more clients.” My favorite part of the workshop was learning the importance of having a Mission Statement and actually creating one that I can use and develop throughout the life of my business!

Trisha Dean
Trisha Dean Events – SF

Sitting in a room with other wedding professionals was inspiring, insightful and fun! To be able to share my passion of running a wedding business with other attendees who feel the same and write a business plan in a group setting was more helpful than I ever imagined. The presentations and life experience that Michelle, Kelly and our guest speakers brought to my business plan was incredibly valuable. I walked away with a solid business plan, the knowledge of actually understanding how to continue to develop it, goals and amazing new friends to hold me accountable!

Debby Jewesson
Branching Out Events & Floral Design – Dallas

Attending the ‘Easy peasy….business plan’ workshop was the best use of my time in 10 yrs in the event industry! Michelle and Kelly armed me with the real and attainable tools to put my common sense business style into action. Every few months, I still flip through my workbook/business plan to hold myself accountable for the goals I made that day. Whether you’re new to the biz, or old hat like me, the workshop was motivating, inspirational and fun!

Kat Speyer
Persimmon Images – Seattle
Attended LA workshop

I just got home to Seattle and I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful experience of attending The Simple Plan. I couldn’t stop raving about the workshop to other photographers during the EscalateLIVE conference in Newport Beach. Just two days of learning really solidified so many things that had been floating about my head waiting to congeal. I felt very knowledgeable when speaking to others about my business– and honestly, people were very impressed by what I knew. (It was a bit surprising how little planning most photogs I talked to had done for their businesses… they kept asking me where I learned everything I knew.)

Kate Miller
Kate Miller Events – Sacramento
Attended SF workshop

Before the Simple Plan, I was so incredibly, entirely, utterly, overwhelmed by my business plan writing process. Michelle and Kelly truly simplified the entire process without losing the meaning and utility in writing your plan. I am now confident that I could write a simple business plan that will allow me to make financially healthy decisions and take measured risks to allow my business to grow in all the right ways. Harmony helped me look at my current and potential brand in a new light, while Jack introduced me to time-saving processes that will help me run my business more efficiently. Lastly, I saw a renewed value in what I do – and a new motivation to streamline my business from top to bottom.

Joel Llacar
Joel Llacar Photography – LA

The Simple Plan is one of the best workshop I have ever invested! I learned so much about the business, and I felt so inspired and feeling good about my business again! Michelle and Kelly totally delivered and they are one of the friendliest and most genuine professionals I have met in this industry! The Simple Plan is truly worth the small investment and yet will pay huge in dividends for you in so many ways!

Lytle Photo

Cristina Perry
Cristina Perry Events – Atlanta
Attended Seattle workshop

I attended The Simple Plan Seattle in 2009 shortly after officially starting Cristina Perry Events.  Not only was I brand new to the industry, but I traveled cross country by myself to a new city.  Michelle and Kelly were so welcoming and encouraged me every step of the way.  I cannot tell how important this program is for anyone starting out in this industry.  Not only do you go through the step by step business plan process, you also get the chance to hear from industry experts in an intimate environment.   The little tidbits of info gained throughout the 3 days are priceless.   The Simple Plan helped me to start off on the right foot and avoid mistakes that I would have made otherwise.

Brenda Swann
Swann Soiress – San Diego
Attended San Francisco workshop

Attending The Simple Plan was a positively recharging experience. Taking the time to write down everything from my business goals to processes and protocol really helped re-focus the energy and efforts that go into the every day of running of Swann Soirées. Michelle & Kelly were not only very positive guides, but I felt they genuinely cared about the success of a fellow business owner.

Barbie Hull
Barbie Hull Photography – Seattle

I attended the first Simple Plan weekend in Seattle and had the most amazing time! I’ve been in business for 10 years now and it really brought me back to the basics, it reminded me to track where the money come from, where it goes and how I should spend it smarter. It’s so easy to just float along, but it feels SO much better to know what is going on. That weekend I made really great connections with local industry people I hadn’t met before and we’ve been able to send a lot of business back and forth since then. Since attending the Simple Plan Seattle, I feel like a better businesswoman & recommend it to everyone!!

Chris Thompson LivLifStudios

Event Design Group, LLC couldn’t be happier that we attended the The Simple Plan. The Simple Plan empowered us to take information that we’ve honestly had on paper for years and actually put it into a “real” business plan. The workbook and one-on-one assistance were greatly appreciated and gave us a new vision for our business. We were also able to meet and make connections with other vendors in the industry that we might not have made otherwise. A worthwhile investment that we would recommend to anyone thinking about or needing assistance with their business plan. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Sharon Alexander
Sweet Sensations – Atlanta

My company was getting ready for a re-branding, so I needed to do a new business plan, etc. It was sooo much easier this time around with The Simple Plan because of the feedback and input of the group. More heads make for quicker work!!

Janice Carnevale
Bellwether Events



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