Simplify with Sage: Feng Shui For Your Office

Monthly, we have a feature, from our very own Kelly Simants,
written to make your business life run simpler.  This month she collaborated with our
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Katherine to give you office organization tips. Take it away Kelly & Katherine…

For the most part, when I’m working, I’m typically in my home office…but recently I noticed I was spending more time on my laptop in other rooms of the house (that felt more inviting) than when I was in my office.  So, I took a close look at how my office furniture was arranged, the colors I’ve incorporated, and overall flow of how things were set up, and realized it made me feel BLAH.  So, I’m excited to say I’m in the midst of a home office makeover and am learning a few tricks along the way that I wanted to share with you. In this Simplify with Sage post, we’re going to take a look at how to simplify your office while incorporating a principle called “Feng Shui” (pronounced fung schway). If you’re like me, you’ve probably heard this term thrown around a ton, but don’t know a whole lot about it.

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Here are some simple but time-tested Feng Shui practices which can be used for enhancing your workplace:

  • Remove clutter
    Your office must be organized and arranged efficiently. Clutter according to Feng Shui stimulates negative Chi (energy) and should be kept to a minimum. Remove whatever extraneous materials are lying in your office. By clearing away the physical clutter that you have been confronting on a daily basis, you free up your mental, emotional burden and feel light, cheerful and optimistic in your reinvigorated working space.
  • Position of the desk
    Keep your desk in the commanding position. The commanding position means a position of power, where you have a direct view of the door, a pleasant view out the window and a wall behind you for stability. This position of the desk according to the Feng Shui office offers you the maximum control.
  • Shape of your desk
    Shape of your desk can affect your mood and level of productivity in the workplace. Rounded curves are flowing, encouraging the flow of creativity. A kidney-shaped desk follows the natural curves of the human body and is said to give you a subconscious feeling of inner alignment.
  • Placement of your plants
    Place plants in your work and help you stay connected to the natural world. Since the green color spurs creativity and new ideas it helps you to have creative element in the office. In Feng Shui practice keeping plants helps to have positive Chi flow in corners which otherwise are neglected spaces devoid of any energy. Green plants also act as a filtering system, reducing toxins and circulating stagnant air.
  • Choosing the correct light
    The best light is natural daylight, so move your desk close to a window but never have your desk directly in front of window or fluorescent lights that cast a glare, causing eyestrain and exhaustion. You may improve your mood and energy dramatically by replacing fluorescent lights with warm lights that don’t cast a glare.
  • Use of Feng Shui Colors
    Making use of Feng Shui Colors can help you achieve balance in your office. Different colors have different properties some colors can help people feel grounded and secure. Blues, purples or reds are supposed to enhance the wealth and prosperity area of your office.

The above content is from The Spiritual Feng Shui – there is a ton of Feng Shui related info on this site if you’re interested in learning more!

As part of my home office makeover, I decided the element I was missing most out of the above Feng Shui practices was color.  My walls were a light cappuccino color which is a nice neutral, but oh so boring and drab.  After a few trips to Home Depot, I’m LOVING my new “asparagus green” paint (this is an example of the color)!  It’s amazing how it truly changed the entire vibe in my office and I WANT to be in here because it’s so calming and inviting.  According to Feng Shui, green is the color of renewal, fresh energy and new beginnings…which is truly how I feel right now.  Fun!

Now I just need to reposition my furniture, buy some fresh décor and a few plants, and I’ll be close to having a more Feng-Shui-like office!  Once I’m done with my office makeover I’ll be sure to share pics!

What are your ideas about how to make an office have better Feng Shui?


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    Great tips! It makes such a difference. I also have a small buddha holding a gold coin on my desk – let’s see if it brings in more money!

  2. says

    thanks to this post i just moved CLEAN OFFICE to a higher position on “the list”. also you need a good chair. we like the
    Gaiam Ergonomic Balance Ball Chair

  3. says

    Great post! Our desks are clean {we try to clean them off at the end of each day} and filled with things that inspire us both and relax us. It makes such a difference!


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